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GSK5420THB52R Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

  • · Top end Design
  • · Increased operating reliability
  • · Production cost saving
  • · Consistent quality
  • · High Efficiency
  • · Electrical control
  • · Full way solution
  • · Excellent lifetime precision
Product Features

With underpan ACTROS4141 of Germany Benz,this vehicle is a European emission standard Ⅳ which can be used in large and medium-sized cities.

Boom is a key component of concrete pump truck,uses HAWE ratio control system,and step-less regulation for ideal speed,providing excellent performance.

The pumping system is hydraulic open system, the hydraulic pressure is changed to the valve, the hydraulic impact is smaller, and the energy accumulator is used to absorb the shock, so that the vehicle is more stable in the pumping state. All pump valves adopt the lux component, and the high pressure tubing and sealing parts adopt parker products, which ensure the reliability of the system and reduce the failure rate of the system.

The electronic control system USES the German HBC remote controller, which can realize the remote control of the pump vehicle. The electrical components are all applied to Schneider and OMRON. The failure rate of the electric control system is extremely low, which reduces the customer's dependence on the manufacturer and reduces the cost of customer service.

Open circuit design, and cooling fluid hydraulic oil with air cooling, ensure construction when used in high temperature and continuous long time under normal working oil temperature, hydraulic components and avoid the damage of the oil temperature is too high impact.

Using the variable oil pump with pressure compensation, and with the flow control valve, the pump can be adjusted automatically under the precondition of constant power to meet the concrete and various feeding speed requirements of different slump.


Truck section Underpan model ACTROS 4141
Parameter Engine model OM501LA.IV/3
Size 13190mm×2490mm×3990mm
Spread of axles 2020+4280+1350mm
Max speed 100km/h
Max grade ability 52%
Min Ground clearance 345mm
Front/rear suspension 1440/3200mm
Approach/departure angle 17/10
Min turning circle diameter 25.4m
Weight Gross mass 41560kg
CurbUnladen mass 41430kg
Axle laden mass front 1 axle 7715kg
front 2 axle  7715kg
rear 3 4 axle 26000kg
Laden mass 41560Kg
Axle laden mass front 1 axle 7780Kg
front 2 axle  7780Kg
rear 3 4 axle 26000kg
Pump unit Number of arm section 5
Specifications Max height 51.6m
Max range 47.5m
Rotating angle 360
Max theoretical concrete delivery volume  150 m³/h
Delivery pressure 12.5MPa
Theoretical pumping times 25times/min
Diameter/stroke of concrete cylinder  φ240x2000mm
Diameter of transport tube φ125mm
Hopper volume capacity 600L