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956 Sides Dump Loader

  • · Increased operating reliability
  • · Top end Design
  • · Electrical control
  • · High Efficiency
  • · Production cost saving
  • · Excellent lifetime precision
  • · Full way solution
  • · Consistent quality
Product Features

1.1 good stability
The advantages of large wheelbase and large wheelbase have greatly improved the stability of the whole machine operation, and the stability of the operation is high, which can be applied to the harsh environment of the mountainous areas.

1.2 excellent transmission and control system
Design of reinforced shaft gear box and torque converter, three components reinforced drive axle, bearing capacity, stronger superior impact resistance, international advanced, reliable transmission, pilot control, lightweight and flexible.

1.3 humanized design, easy to operate
Bucket bucket tooth, a reasonable material selection of wear resistant material with high performance, long life, its structure design is replaceable modular a tooth to cover, it can greatly reduce the damage rate of bucket bucket tooth, extended the bucket tooth replacement cycle, reduce the operating personnel in the narrow space inside the amount of labor and improve work efficiency.The fully sealed integrated cab can prevent the tunnel from blasting, which can cause the smoke and dust.

1.4 durable and efficient side discharge device design
Especially suitable for the narrow roads and tunnels in the construction site.
Specially designed side dumping loader working device in order to strengthen wear resistant, v-shaped structure, shovel resistance small, can replace the relieving, to insure the continuity and reliability, which well guarantee construction progress and the economic benefits of construction unit.

1.5 safety design of drivers
Options against falling objects and the rolling device, also can add netting, high decibel buzzer, to ensure the safety of the driver's reliable, effective prevent the tunnel when the tunnel construction, the landslide, rock burst, the roof falling rocks in the hole, etc.


Number Entry name Parameter
1 Rated load weight(t) 4.2
2 Rated bucket capacity(m3) 2.3
3 Operating weight(t) 18.06
4 Max breakout force(KN)  167
5  Max traction(KN) 150
6 Max dumping height(mm) 2770
7 Dumping reach(mm)  1200
8 Side-dump heightmm 4000
9 Side-dump reach mm 150
10 Side-dump angle(°) 40
11  Max gradient(°) 30
12 Min turning radius(mm)  5970
13  Tread(mm) 2200
14 Axle base(mm)  3100
15 Overall height(mm) 3450
16 Overall width(mm) 2800
17 Overall length(mm) 7990
18 Boom lifting time(s) / Total time of three devices 6.2/11.8
19 Time of boom descending(s) 3.8
20 Time of bucket forward inclination(s) 1.8
21 side-dumps 1.3
22 Max vehicle speed(km/h) 34
23 Max steering angle(°) 38
24 Tire model 23.5-25
25 Engine model Weichai
26 Engine rated power/rotary speedkw/rpm 162/2200