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GJZL30 Wheel Loader

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Main Selling Points:

High efficiency and low fuel consumption;Adopting the mainstream of the industry (engine, double change, hydraulic system);The turning radius of the long wheelbase and short wheelbase car Speed advantage, industry fastest;Vacuum hydraulic tank.
Performance Characteristics:

1. High efficiency and high efficiency of the upper wood SC9D220.1G2B1 engine, which is reliable and meets the euro II emission standard.

2. Bivariate assembly adopt the hang-tooth planetary gearbox, twin-turbine torque converter, the market is strong and the accessories are convenient.

The gearbox is also a mainstream configuration in the industry, with high reliability and a second step forward, especially a speed ratio of more than 30%.

3. The transmission shaft adopts the special transmission shaft of the key block type engineering machinery, with strong impact resistance and assurance the reliability of transmission.

4. Double pump combined hydraulic system is adopted to improve the oil temperature of hydraulic system, extend the life of hydraulic components, and greatly reduce fuel consumption and energy consumption;
Hydraulic load sensing steering hydraulic system to light and flexible;The hydraulic system is operated by flexible shaft to reduce the failure point of hydraulic system.

5. Adopt the new full-field cab, and pay attention to the comfort of the operation according to the principle of ergonomic design. The control handle is designed by sedan and comfortable and comfortable.In addition, the 953N loader fully contains human nature in the maintenance aspect, and USES the large opening of the flip car cover. The maintenance man can only stand on the ground, and have the engine and other parts.5 tons of products, this product work speed, smaller turning radius, flexible products, can not only narrow space to meet the demand of the job, and have the advantage of car-body tilting load is big, strong bearing capacity of the machine. The machine is full of efficient oil saving, suitable for the loose material, especially the coal yard, the use of the yard.


Number  Entry Name  Parameter
1 Total weight (kg) 16300(±5%)
2 Max dumping height mm 3091
3 Max reach distancemm 1090
4 Wheel track mm 2200
5 Spread of axles mm 3100
6 Min ground clearance mm 450
7 Max steering angle(°) 38
8 Max traction(KN) 150
9 Min turning radius(mm) 5970
10 Turning radius of the bucket while transporting material position(mm) 6575
11 Max breakout force (KN) 160
12 Rated bucket capacity (m³) 2.8
13 Bucket lifting time(s)  6.2
14 Bucket descending time (s) 3.8
15 Dump time(s)  1.8