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GJR250 Rotary Drill Machine

  • · Increased operating reliability
  • · Top end Design
  • · Consistent quality
  • · Full way solution
  • · Excellent lifetime precision
  • · Production cost saving
  • · High Efficiency
  • · Electrical control
Product Features

GEMC’s drilling rig is well known for its featured high power, large output torque, axle pressure, flexible and drilling efficiency.

The drilling operation has been designed for drilling diameters of up to 3 m and drilling depths of maximum 112 m. It is driven by a Turb-boost dieselmotor offering great engine power and fuel-saving, not yet compromising the power supply.

Hydraulic system carries out through an advanced constant power load sensitive mode, holds a patented main valve distribution flow control system, ensuring the greatest rate of power utilization during working hours.

Full oil filtering returning and discharging circuits cooperating with high-end quality components gives a guarantee of stability and lasting while rig is working.

Built-in PLC control system, equipped with perfect CAN-BUS bus system, achieves the synchronized control among Mechanic, electrical and hydraulic system nicely.

Drilling tools for different purposes with different specifications such as long or short augers, generic-use drilling buckets and core barrels, etc., are equipped to satisfy construction requirements in different geological conditions.

Key components are equipped with world known famous brands items, like luxury driver’s operation room, multiple channel of cooling and heating air conditioner, which fully brings ergonomics into consideration, to ensure the drivers’ comfort and safety and thus reduce the work intense and improve the working efficiency at greatest extent.

If required, the rig can be disassembled into single parts. Thus, the rotary drilling rig can easily be transported throughout the world.


Parameter item Unit Parameter
Max output Torque KN·m 250
Drilling speed r/min 7~23
Max drilling depth m 78
Max drilling diameter With pipe casing mm 1800
Without pipe casing mm 2200
Diesel engine Engine brand   CUMMINS
Model   QLS-9
Rated power KW 246
Hydraulic cylinder Max crowd force KN 180
Max lifting force KN 220
Stroke mm 5000
Main winch Max lifting force KN 230
Lifting speed m/min 60
Diameter of rope mm 28
Aux winch Max lifting force KN 80
Lifting speed m/min 50
Diameter of rope mm 18
Working radius Max mm 5984
Min mm 3737
Chassis Track tread mm 4540
Chassis width Outreach mm 4300
Retract mm 3200
Track-shoe width mm 800
Mast leaning angle Left/Right º ±5
Forward 5
Backward 15
Machine overall size Transportation status mm 15470×3200×3350
Operating status mm 9200×4300×21500
Climbing capacity % >40
Total weight kg 67500
Standard configuration drill pipe   440-6